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User Experience

Mobile Friendly

Modern websites that will fit on your mobile devices for easy ordering anytime.

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Built-in Messaging Applications

Store owners can add built-in messaging to the store for quick responses and support for customers allowing store owner to give prompt timely responses to their customers.

Customer Rewards

Customer's can earn easy rewards as this encourages them to return to order additional items.

Respond to Reviews

Good and bad reviews happen all the time, but knowing your customer needs assistance is key to creating a stronger on going relationship.


Customer's are notified of most events that happens with your website. eStoreware has set-up emails and more to help give users their best experience.

SSL Security

Your user information is safe with eStoreware as we are PCI compliant and is highly recommend of an easy SSL installed on every website.

Latest Technology

eStoreware uses the latest .net Core technology. Currently eStoreware uses .net 5.0, but will eventually upgrade to .net 7.0. It creates one of the fastest, stable and reliable searching ecommerce platforms on the web.