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    Sliders & Banners

    Update your own banners with our easy anywhere sldiers that you can put on any store page.

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    Key Features

    Need to update your banners more often and don't have programming skills?  Easily update computer and mobile device formats on your own.

    Many Settings

    Update the speed, timing, type of rotation, and even add arrows to change your banner.  

    No Programming Skills Needed

    Easy gui to update your banner frequently if needed. 


    Set a schedule for certain banners to appear and more!  Makes running promos much easier!

    Mobile Friendly Format

    Help your SEO grade and look by including mobile friendly images that will show up when you open your store on any mobile device.

    Ultimately, with eStorewares easy built in anywhere sliders, you can put on any page, run promos, and make your own website and look a feel limitless.   

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