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True Multi-Store

Need two stores, maybe three or more?  With our Multi-Store access your whole database of products, customers, and sales orders with one website.  Better yet, each store would have its own url and link to all products on your site.  Assign some products to each individual store or have all your products in both stores.


Key Features

The ultimate web store that is truly multiple stores in one!

Access Products, Customers, & Sales Orders in One Place

Access everything in one single store!  No need to have multiple websites set up.   

Single Admin Access

You only need to remember one password for all your stores!  

Multiple Templates & Pages

Have a different look per web store!  Different logo, colors, pages, and more!

Different Emails Setup

Estoreware wants you to have the most flexibility in your multiple stores.  So selling with different emails is no problem as this makes each store very unique.

Ultimately by having a true multi-store, multi-domain, complete store gives you the flexibility to advertise to certain customer demographics that you may be looking to obtain.  eStoreware's true multi-store is the most flexible on the internet thats to the latest tecnology that Microsoft offers.    

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