Mobile Friendly Shopping Cart & Admin

Easily access your website from the shopping cart side with a modern feel.  Additionally access the backend (admin) of the website from mobile as well.  This is the ultimate freedom of not having to be connected to your computer 24/7 and connect on the go.

Mobile Shopping Cart
Mobile Admin

Key Features

The ultimate if modern feel with access to your store at all times from your smart device!

Mobile Cart & Checkout

Everything is designed to form and respond to every device your cart is on.  

SEO Advantage

Your mobile SEO score will go up with the result of having a responsive cart.  

Admin Accessible

Access your store from the admin with access to your orders, customers, and more!  Access everything!

Reduce Abandoned Cart

Reduce the percentage of customers who may abandon your cart due to the look of the shopping cart portion.  Many people only shop via their phones and not having access to your cart with a mobile device may cause they to look elsewhere for the same products.

Ultimately by having a mobile feel to your cart on both front and backend access adds to the features on why you should choose eStoreware over its competitors.   

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