Pick Up in Store & Store Locator

With pick up in store and store locator, add a pickup store option during your customer checkout process.

Pick Up In Store Checkout
Pick Up in Store Admin

Key Features

Easily setup various pickup points on your website with mapping and many more options available!

Pick Up Point Mapping

Add an accurate Google map to built in pages in your store site.  

Add More than One PickUp Point

Have more than one warehouse or pickup point?  Easily add many more to your store for customer options.

SEO Feature

Adding to our plethora of SEO & marketing features, have your store locations show up in the Google search results with shop tagging included.

Store / Warehouse Pictures

Add to the look of your website with your physical store pictures.

Ultimately with the addition of store pickup, expand the flexibility of your store, by having your customers pickup their items instead of shipping if this option is easier for your customers.   

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