Shipping Carriers and Custom Rates

eStoreware offers many different Shipping Carriers and settings per carrier for specialized carrier rates and more.

Shipping Methods

Key Features

We offer shipping rates from many different carriers such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, and many more!

Shipping Carrier Rates

In house shipping is easy to use and link your shipping carriers account with your shipping rates and pull live rates.  

Shipping Table Rates

No need to have a shipping carrier, we can do shipping based on weight, distance, and more!

Discount Codes to Use Per Carriers

Need to encourage certain rates?  Utilize coupon codes and link them to your shipping carriers.

Free Shipping Over X Amount / Flat Rate

If you need to simplify your website, ignore shipping rates all together and offer free shipping over a certain amount or flat rate shipping.

Ultimately, with the shipping carriers we have, you have the most flexibility in how you want to set up your shipping to your customers.  We will assist with getting this setup during the initial setup phase.   

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